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We accelerate field sales Sell More. Control Better. Report Now.

Empower your field team with a Mobile CRM and analyze real-time data from the fields.


During the pandemic companies who has not used sales force automation lost %21 of their customers.


Companies using Ekmob SFA spend %36 less time in order fulfilment.


By the first year Ekmob SFA users increase their sales by %40

Ekmob SFA: Sales Force Automation

You could focus on sales and meet your goals, you want to go to the right customer at the right time with the best offer.

Ekmob SFA: Sales Force Automation

You could use Ekmob SFA to coach your team and see the big picture on the field.

Sales SupportManager
Ekmob SFA: Sales Force Automation

You want to coordinate sales teams and bring them together with the most appropriate technology.

Use of Ekmob SFA

Features By Sectors


Easily segment your data with predefined customer areas. Know your customers better, provide better service.

Manage visits, calls and video conferences from a single application, follow all activities second by second. Support your team with an automation suitable for working from home conditions.

Have power over the sales potential in the field. Manage the status of opportunities, given quote, all ongoing sales processes in a single dashboard.

Set multiple sales, opportunity and activity goals. Measure goals throughout the process. Give the team the right feedback at the right time. Don't miss the big picture!

Benefit from future recommendations with business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Try Ekmob SFA now!Increase the performance of your field sales team.
Ekmob SFA users save one day every week.
Sales teams obtain 50% more data in the field.
Sales and Visits are increased by 30%.
Ekmob SFA has been designed and developed for the mobile teams.
Implemented in less than 2 weeks
It has become a daily habit. 92% User adoption rate.
Market Place
Market Place
It works integratively with all business solutions that the field sales teams might need in the different sales processes.

Integrate Ekmob easily depending on whatever your teams needs such as ERP systems, video conferencing applications, e-mail services, call center applications.

What Exactly Is Sales Force Automation Anyway?
Ekmob SFA: Sales Force Automation

“Sales teams have to be constantly online and available during the sales processes. However, there was no software that fully matched their needs. Traditional CRM systems were recommended to field sales teams over sales force technologies. Due to the nature of the field and sales, constantly entering data and recording activities during the busy working day has become an obstacle besides field sales teams main tasks. On the other hand, inefficient and complicated workflows brought additional workload apart from "sales". For instance CRM is a system designed for office workers however it did not solve field sales teams needs”

CRM systems are very useful for computer users and work effectively complicated sales processes however CRM systems cannot improve dynamic field sales processes on there on.

Without data stream sales managers can't track how the field sales opportunities are being progressed, make non-correct predictions even sales opportunities that are predicted to be won are being lost however with the right technology all of this could be solved.

Ekmob SFA is the ideal combination that supports CRM and Field Sales Automation. it is also used as a mobile CRM to keep all customer and opportunity records for companies without CRM. Sales teams could easily upload paperwork/documents of the sales processes to the system and make it visible to Ekmob SFA users.

Ekmob SFA is a platform that combines end-to-end solutions that can strengthen sales and marketing departments. It focuses on increasing potential customers, selling more to existing customers and increases profitability.

McKinsey & Company: The domino effect: How sales leaders are reinventing go-to-market in the next normal
Ekmob SFA: Sales Force Automation
Ekmob SFA is secure
Your Data is in Safe Hands
Your Data is in Safe Hands

Ekmob does not view your data. As a data processor, it encrypts the data as soon as it is entered and stores it in such a way that no one can access it. Ekmob, which has ISO27001 certificate, provides the highest level of security with IP Restriction, Power Balancing and Identity Management features provided by Microsoft Azure.

Improve the performance of your sales team.

Request a demo now to learn how Ekmob could be beneficial to your processes.