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Manage your sales process effectively, efficiently, and swiftly everywhere!

At home. At the office. On the go.

With Ekmob SFA, all the competencies that sales teams need in the sales process are always at their side.

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More than 5000 sales teams are managing their entire sales processes more efficiently with Ekmob SFA.

For your sales team;

Easy use, increased data quality, and high efficiency.

Analyze your sales processes with Ekmob SFA and boost efficiency.

Mobile CRM

Effortlessly manage your sales processes from anywhere.

Record, view, and analyze all sales team activities such as customer calls and visits, in real-time.

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Activity Management

Manage your customer relationships.

You can assign activities to your team, track the feedback and activity statuses they’ve recorded as notes about customers, and comprehensively monitor the entire sales process from a single screen.

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Sales Acceleration Tools

Your team’s entire process accelerates.

It speeds up all your daily tasks such as adding new customers to your portfolio, activity planning, and opportunity acquisition processes, increasing the speed of sales execution.

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Customizable Reporting

All reports are tailored to your specific needs.

All reports for your sales processes can be customized to your preferences, making tracking easier.

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In 5 Steps

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Team Management
Customer Management
Opportunity – Sales Management
Team Communication
Sales Team Management
Sales Team Management
Customer Management
Opportunity – Sales Management
Team Communication

Manage your team’s business processes.

Elevate communication with your team. Manage your activity tracking from a single screen. Receive critical notifications about your team’s activities instantly, ensuring prompt resolutions and increased efficiency.

Access customer information quickly.

Quickly view customer contact information, along with your team’s comments about the customers and other relevant data.

Convert opportunities into sales.

Track opportunities with customized screens based on their stages and status, enabling you to convert them into sales with efficiency.

Improve your communication.

With the Live module, track all your processes, from team activities to customer management and opportunity acquisition, in real-time on a single screen and enhance your team’s communication.

Measure your performance easily.

Quickly access your customized and ready-to-use reports. Make the measurements you desire for your customers and teams.

Ekmob SFA integrates with all the applications you will use in your business processes.

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Who uses Ekmob SFA?

It makes business processes and customer relationships more effective for managers and all sales personnel.

Sales Manager

With the “Plan Your Day” feature, you can create the most efficient route for your team by assigning activities. By analyzing the results of all activities and performance measurements for your team, you can grow your business.

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B2B Sales Teams

Receive real-time notifications of your teams’ activity statuses and the important notes they take in their activities with our NLP technology, so you don’t miss out on sales. Collect the data you desire from the field with forms designed for your teams conducting market analysis.

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D2D Sales Teams

The “Nearby Search” feature increases the number of points your teams touch for teams with a goal of acquiring new customers.

Ekmob SFA makes it easy for you to track and manage all the acquisition processes of potential customers.

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Why Ekmob SFA?

Boost your sales team’s performance right away.


Teams quickly adapt with ease of use.


Data collected from the field is recorded instantly, improving data quality.

+1 Day

All sales processes become efficient and fast, saving time.

Our expert support team is always with you!

Our experts will help you get started with Ekmob SFA easily. They will guide you on the journey to take your sales team to the next level.

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Your data is in safe hands.

Ekmob SFA does not access your data. As a data processor, it encrypts data as soon as it is entered and stores it in a way that cannot be decrypted by anyone. Ekmob SFA, with its ISO27001 certification and the security features provided by Microsoft Azure such as IP Restriction, Load Balancing, and Identity Management, ensures the highest level of security.

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ekmob SFA?

  • Ekmob SFA is a sales force automation solution with a mobile application designed to increase the productivity of sales teams. It enables salespeople to manage all their tasks without the need for a computer, pen and paper, or tools like Excel.

What is Sales Force Automation?

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a software or technology system used to automate sales processes with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the sales team. SFA is used to track, manage, and report on sales activities, and it is often integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to effectively manage customer information, sales opportunities, and other sales data.
  • As a result, sales teams can become better organized, track their sales processes, and capitalize on opportunities to enhance customer relationships. Access to the web panel and mobile application requires authorization, and user privileges are defined in the “Type” field to grant access to the web panel and mobile application.

What are the differences between CRM and sales force management?

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Sales Force Management (SFA) are two different approaches aimed at optimizing customer management and sales processes.
  • While CRM aims to enhance customer relationships, increase satisfaction, and improve the overall customer experience,
  • SFA has a more specific focus on managing sales processes, improving the performance of sales teams, and monitoring sales objectives.

What is the importance of automation in managing sales processes?

  • Automation in the management of sales processes offers advantages to companies. First and foremost, it enhances efficiency. It automates repetitive tasks and reduces manual processes, enabling sales teams to accomplish more. It also minimizes errors and facilitates access to accurate information.
  • Automation also simplifies tracking and analyzing sales processes, providing businesses with opportunities to develop better strategies. It saves time and supports sales teams in focusing more on customers.
  • It aids in strengthening customer relationships, analyzing customer data, and providing personalized communication. Lastly, it streamlines sales funnel management, making it easier to track and manage the different stages customers go through.
  • Therefore, automation provides a competitive advantage to businesses by making sales processes more efficient and customer-centric, contributing to their growth.

What should you consider when choosing sales force automation?

  • Your Company’s Needs: First, you should identify your company’s specific needs and goals. Understanding which sales processes you want to automate and what features you require will help you choose the right SFA solution.
  • Features and Functions: Pay attention to the features and functions offered by SFA platforms. In addition to core features like customer management, activity tracking, reporting, and integration options, additional features that align with your needs are also important.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Having a user-friendly interface for the SFA platform ensures that your sales team can easily adopt it.

What is the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning in sales teams?

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are of great importance for sales teams. These technologies provide significant benefits in areas such as data analysis, predictions, customer segmentation, automation, personalized communication, and customer support.
  • Furthermore, they support the training and development of sales teams and provide companies with a better understanding of their customers. Therefore, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become integral parts of sales force automation today.
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    Emrah Özbek
    Emrah Özbek

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