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B2B Sales Team

Ekmob B2B CRM

For teams managing a specific region and dealer network to conduct efficient visits and establish cause-and-effect relationships, it is essential for them to access detailed information about the dealer/customer before the visit. Additionally, planning their daily calendars and instantly communicating all meetings throughout the day to the headquarters are common challenges faced by B2B sales teams.

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Field Data Collection

Access various data such as competitor analysis, market analysis, customer complaints, and the current status of customers.

Manage your area.

Obtain real-time information about the current status of customers in your region. Observe the statuses of potential new customers. Track your visited and unvisited customers in your region in real-time.

Conduct your visits in a data-focused manner.

When planning customer visits, leverage past visit data by taking into consideration factors such as your customer’s financial risk and purchasing history. This way, you can enhance the timing and content quality of your visits.

Collect data on your customers and competitors.

Your customers and competitors will always be tracking different opportunities in the field. To enhance your sales strategy and make quick decisions, you can collect information such as market analysis, competitive intelligence, and customer demands.

Record your activities instantly.

You can record activities such as meetings, video and phone calls with your customers with a single click. Additionally, you can capture information from your customer in less than 60 seconds through voice notes, opportunities, orders, forms, or photos.

Are you ready to elevate your sales team to the next level?

    Emrah Özbek
    Emrah Özbek

    Bölgetel – Owner

    Ekmob SFA is an ideal solution for sales organizations working remotely, spread across Turkey or specific regions. Therefore, I recommend getting to know Ekmob SFA.