Manage your team's schedule with Ekmob

You can add or edit visits for your field teams via control panel. You can add notes into a customer visit, and you can create calendars repeatedly at specific intervals. Before scheduling a meeting, you can plan by seeing the location of your field team and your customer instantly on the map.

Meeting Scheduling with Ekmob Mobile Apps

Your field team can schedule a calendar via mobile apps or view assigned calendars by the center office.
Ekmob allows you to tag your customer meetings on calendars intelligently as visited, unrealized, canceled, or blocked etc.

Creating a Performance-Based Visiting Plan

Thanks to the Ekmob customised filtering features, you can sort out your customers those will be visited in advance with performance filters such as customer type, its label, previous visit's status and visit frequency. For example: In a potential customer group, you can plan a meeting to a customer that is 5 km away, which you haven't visited in the last month..

Reporting the Meeting Process

Your centre office can view the entire field team's calendar and realization status from on a single panel. You can view how many visits have occurred, how many have not happened, canceled or deferred.
Ekmob allows you to tag your meetings as visited, unrealized, canceled, or delayed.

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