Create Dynamic Forms with Ekmob

You can design forms and surveys at any desired level. You can use many options to create many forms / surveys as questions and answers, single choice, multiple choice, date, short - long text, pictures and products.

Forms and surveys can collect data offline.

You can group forms and surveys with labels and categories and assign them to a specific company, or a category, or a field team. .

Easily Collect Data with Ekmob Mobile Apps

Forms created from the centre office are able to be transferred to all mobile team instantly. Mobile Team can easily access to all the desired data within the mobile apps thanks to the easy and fast forms. All information can be taken offline even if the application does not connect to internet.

Report and Analyse Forms and Surveys

All forms and questionnaires collected from the scene can be reported graphically and list-based. It can be exported in excel format or can be sent to different business intelligence applications thanks to Ekmob API set.

Forms can be linked to a customer meeting or assigned as a task. For example, after a customer meeting that there is no order taken, you can collect information with a form that automatically inquires why you can not get the order and you can perform batch analysis with other incoming forms from the field..

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