Customer Management Administration

Ekmob helps you to classify your customer portfolio on region, group and tag basis. Customer types can be created and segmented dynamically such as active, passive or potential. It is also possible to follow your customers on the control panel and list & filter the activity types. In addition, all the history of any customer is available and can be reported.

With Ekmob, you can define unlimited additional fields on the forms in addition to Group, Label and Customer Types. You can create defined fields with filters such as single choice, date, text, and number.

You can export/import your customers to an external excel at any time.

Customer Management Mobile Apps

With the mobile applications on iOS and Android, field team continuously see the latest status of customer information with its history. It can update the information of a customer within the rule of user roles and display all previous past activities of the customer.

With "Find Near me Feature", sales team can add potential new customers and visit them on the field.

Find Near Me

Your Sales team at any location can easily discover potential customers around its location.

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