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Field Data Collection

Analysis and Insight

Sales teams, in addition to their efforts in customer acquisition and sales, access various data in their working region, such as competitor analysis, market analysis, customer complaints, and the current status of customers. These data are usually shared with headquarters and managers in a scattered manner. However, when these crucial data are not accurately reported, creating field analysis and insights becomes challenging.

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Field Data Collection

Create and report field analysis and insights.


Through the form infrastructure, you can collect information at various levels from the field. You can gather and report market analysis, competitive advantage, and marketing insights. Additionally, you can access information on the stock status, pricing details, visibility, and availability of your own and competitor products. Forms allow you to design your workflows and determine actions based on responses through automation.

Customizable Infrastructure

You can create the form you need for the data you require from the field in minutes. You can determine which teams and during which activities the form will be filled out. After designing the form, the only thing you need to do is analyze the data that comes in the reporting screen.

Workflow and Automation Support

After designing the form, you can create transitions and flows between questions. This ensures that the form is filled out more quickly and effectively in the field. Based on the answers to the form’s questions, you can define automations to determine who should receive notifications, in which types of companies it should be filled out, or in which activities it should be filled out. Depending on the importance of the field data, you can provide quick information flow to the relevant department.

Stock and Price Analysis

With the user-friendly interface of Ekmob, you can quickly gather information about stock, price, visibility, and other details related to your or your competitor’s products at your customer’s location.

Are you ready to take your sales team to the next level?

    Mustafa İlker Aktaş
    Mustafa İlker Aktaş

    Gülsa – Manager

    “There is nothing better than Ekmob for those who need to collect and analyze information from their field sales team.”