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Mobile CRM

Designed for sales teams

Field sales teams spend 65% of their time on non-sales and revenue-generating activities. The main contributing factors to this time allocation include difficulties in planning, time allocated for reporting, and inefficient communication through various scattered communication tools (WhatsApp, email, phone, CRM, ERP).

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Mobile CRM

Designed for sales teams

Mobile Application

It’s designed for sales teams to perform their daily work routines more quickly and easily through mobile usage. You can start managing customers right away by downloading the iOS and Android mobile applications to any mobile device.

All Customer Data at Your Fingertips

Sales teams require information on various aspects such as business, financial, and marketing about the customer before their visits. The quality of the visit is adversely affected because it is difficult to access this information quickly. With Ekmob, you can access all the data you need about the customer in less than 45 seconds.

Plan your day in the best way possible.

Ekmob SFA helps you plan your activities more meaningfully and optimize your daily route. It allows you to quickly filter your customers based on the reasons and outcomes of your visits, as well as plan and optimize routes on the map for the companies you will visit.

Activity Management

Record activities such as visits, calls, and video conferences in seconds. Instantly report your meeting status with the Check-in and Check-out feature. With Ekmob SFA, you can capture activity-related information in less than 60 seconds.

Instantly Access Customer Information

Sales teams require information about customers in various aspects such as commercial, financial, and marketing before their visits. Difficulty in accessing this information quickly can negatively affect the quality of visits. With Ekmob, you can access all the necessary data about the customer in less than 45 seconds.

Are you ready to take your sales team to the next level?

    Emrah Özbek
    Emrah Özbek

    Bölgetel – Bayi Sahibi

    “Ekmob SFA is an ideal solution for remote sales organizations spread across Turkey or specific regions. Therefore, I recommend getting to know Ekmob SFA.”