About BN Telekom & Bulurum.com

BN Telekom is a directory services' company, established in 2017 and registered by Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu and the owner of bulurum.com web site. Bulurum.com online commercial directory services, helps you to find geographic information in all commercial branches at all regions and cities all around Turkey. Bulurum.com's flexible and smart search engine, gives the useful information of local customers ready to buy.

Case Study

Before Ekmob, the coordination between the centre office and field team was on the messaging platforms, phone calls, office softwares and shared folders in a very messy way. Bulurum.com needed a solution to audit the sales team and to increase the communication with the mobile team..

  • Internet

  • Istanbul

  • 500 Employees


Increase in Sales


Increase in Daily Visits


Increase in the follow-up in sales process

"We started to manage the operations all-in-one with Ekmob, while before were using messy communication channels."
  • Bülent Çetinkaya
    Sales Manager, Bulurum.com

Ekmob for BN Telekom

Ekmob helped us to improve the efficiency of field operations by collecting all the tools together in one application.

Ekmob helped us to plan customer visits and manage calendars and gives access to the instant information by the top management team.

It is now reportable if the scheduled customer meetings are done or not and its results in a very easy way.

At the time of customer visits, now we can take notes and sales orders even scan business cards. All these activities are real-time, location-based and ready to report. It gives the centre office the ability of intervention.

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