About Ertek Retail

Ertek Retail has been founded in 1990. Since the day it was founded, it has been the distributor of many valuable brands. Babyliss, Silk and Omron are among the brands that Ertek Retail is are currently represents as a distributor. It continues to operate in traditional channels as well as selling its products in major retail chains.

Case Study

Our mobile field team works on the big retail chains by contacting their sales points. The team follows and controls of the products at these points. On the sales points, Ertek Retail cares about the quality of exhibition, price correctness and stock control and awareness. The fact that the field teams could communicate with each other and so that the audits of could be ensured, Ertek Retail was in search of a solution.

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  • Istanbul

  • 55 Employees

"Thanks to ekmob we can instantly access all the activities that are done in the field. Communication between the centre and the field has never been that strong."
  • Oya Gökşahin
    Sales and Marketing, Ertek Retail

Ekmob for Ertek Retail

In line with the information coming from the field team, the information about the exhibitions at the sales points, the product prices and the inspection of the product exhibits became reachable in real-time.

Information such as stock information, stock awareness and product visuals in the stores has become able to be reported in real-time.

Communication between the site and the center has become stronger than ever. The activities of the field team in the stores are shared in real time and can be intervened by the center office.

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