Monitor Your Team location-based

With EKMOB's map application, you can view in real time whether or not your field team is on the map based on a location and communicate with the team.

Track activities, daily routines, and activities of your team based on location and time on the map. Increase your team's efficiency and responsibility.

Collect Data

With EKMOB's retail management application, you can create customizable forms. With built-in forms you can collect targeted data via mobile devices. You can report data by filtering according to sectors, customers and users and make administrative decisions..

While creating a form, you can create dozens of different forms, independently using date, single choice, multiple choice, signature, images, numbers and product fields.

When you create reports, you can assign them to a specific group, a client, and a field team. So you will segment the data from the field.

Sample reports; stock status report, store status report, promotional report, competitive analysis report and many dynamic reports that you can edit.

After we met Ekmob, our field operation once before we were trying to manage our messy communication channels, is now available to manage your operations from a single point.
  • Bülent Çetinkaya
    Sales Manager,

Manage Your Team's Calendars

With Ekmob Retail management features, you can manage the calendars of your teams. You can plan your teams' calendars and customer points they visit on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Your teams can view scheduled calendars and can see routes according to them. The teams can postpone or reject scheduled calendars.

Field team can plan customer meetings and send them to manager's approval.

You can schedule recurring customer meetings. Thus, on certain days of the month, the same point can be visited continuously.

Create Customized Forms

With customized forms that you create with Ekmob sales application, you can ensure that your representative asks the right questions at the sales point and collects feedback after the meeting.

For example, if a field representative clicks the "finish your day" button at the end of a visit, he/she can select the type of the reason and the field representative can fill a special form according to the reason.

Your field team can take photos in customized forms. Your field team may have to take back the damaged or returned items at the sales point. In this case, your team can fill into a change form and add photographs of the product. The photo, captured by the field team, is stored in the cloud environment ready to be reported with location and customer information.

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