Time Management

With Ekmob field sales application, your sales team can organize daily and weekly meeting calendars on performance basis. Ekmob spots the visits can through specific filters, linking the meetings with a specific performance. For example, a sales person can schedule meetings for the customers which he/she hadn't visited since a week. .

Calendars of the sales team can be planned by the centre office daily or weekly. A sales person can see past and future calendars and edit them on mobile applications. They can delay or cancel their calendars.

Collection Management

Thanks to Ekmob Collection Management tool, you can define your bank's virtual pos information through the control panel and make online collection with credit card from customers with mobile application. PayU integration helps you to build a secure collection policy by applying fraud and chargeback processes.

Thanks to Ekmob, I can easily report and manage the sales activities of my teams in different cities.
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Monitor Your Field Team Real-time

With the Ekmob sales features, you can instantly view and report the route and the calendar of your sales team during day-to-day visits. You can see and communicate with your salesperson who is nearest to your dealer or a service point.

Create Customised Forms

With custom forms that you create with the Ekmob sales features, you can ensure that your representative asks the right questions at the point of sales and collects feedback.

For example, when a seller presses the visit end button at the point of visit, you can choose the end type of visit and you can fill in a custom form defined by this type.

For example, when a representative press "finish your day" button at the point of the meeting,they can choose the finish reason and a representative can fill in a custom defined form. In this case, a sales representative can fill into a chargeback form and add the photos of the products. The captured photo can be tagged by the representative, customer or location and stored in the cloud environment.

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