Track Your Field Service Team

With Ekmob you can instantly view all your routes, report meetings and missed meetings of your field service team without any vehicle tracking system. You can monitor all the tasks you assign to the field service during the day.

Schedule Your Team's Calendar

With Ekmob service management features, you can plan your team's calendar quickly, easily and intelligently. You can view the customers to be visited on the calendar and assign a task to a representative near to to the customer. A customer you assigned a task for will no longer be assigned to another representative.

Tasks can be categorized. Such as important task, emergency task, on-site or remote task. You can also follow tasks according to your type and status. Such as completed, canceled or deferred. You can track task types that vary according to category or status on maps and calendars.

Communicate with Your Team

Ekmob offers in-team messaging features to stay up-to-date with your field team and headquarters during the day and work together.

Keeps all communications under record by minimizing phone calls between the team and the center.

Measure Your Team's Daily Work and Tasks.

With Ekmob service management features, your team can record the start and end date of a working day and show how far they have traveled during the day.

When your representative finishes the day you can see the daily summary in a comprehensive way from the control panel.

Create Customized Service Forms

Design dynamic visit forms and service forms to be used on visiting points via the control panel.

Detailed information can be collected through customized forms according to the type of visit at a service point. Depending on the completion reason of a visit, your representative may fill in a different form.

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