Customize Your Retail Audits

You can customize Ekmob retail control features according to your sector needs. By specifying the content and process of the data you want to be collected from the site, you can assign your team to the site as a task to ensure that tasks are performed according to the visit point at each visit point.

For example, all field representatives working in the Central Anatolian region, may be able to open up a task of collecting information about the price or campaign of a competitor's product and display the actual status of the task and report instantly. Each collected task can be reported graphically and row-wise for analysis.

Thanks to Ekmob, we can instantly access all the activities that are done in the field. Communication between the center office and the mobile field team has never been this strong.
  • Oya Gökşahin
    Ertek Retail

Monitor the Performance of Your Team

You can instantly report your team's performance during and after the workday, whether the meetings have been completed, whether they are actually visiting, the forms they have completed and many more through the control panel and you can compare the performance.

Calendar Planning

With the calendar scheduling tool, you can ensure that your team is in the right place at the right time and plan all calendars on a performance basis.

The calendars you plan from the control panel will be instantly dropped into the mobile apps of the field team and you can instantly see the points that your team will visit during the day, the duration of the and the activities during the visit.

You can view real-time and location-based calendars, canceled and deferred calendars and report on the control panel.

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